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grappling seminar


(Effective Sept. 1, 2017) See event details under SCHEDULE.

Welcome to Toronto Judo Kai

Welcome to the Toronto Judo Kai Club. We are officially registered withJudo Ontario as Thornhill Judo Kai , headed by Sensei Victoria Brezgin and Sensei Seif Youssef. This Club is strongly supported by a solid coaching staff made up of technically sound and successful Black Belts, all of whom have competed either at the National or International level.

Our mission here is to build judoka who are technically strong and who are also upstanding and respectable citizens in the community.  We promote a curriculum that supports the development of fitness, technique and disciplined respect.

Students are also encouraged to participate in tournaments to test the application of their skills learned during practice.  Tournaments are not mandatory; however, they are a strong source of indication for senseis to assess progress and grading.  Furthermore, this competitive aspect of our training model builds strong character in young people that can be drawn upon later in life when making crucial decisions in high-pressure and time-constrained situations.

Judo is fun, physically demanding, mentally challenging, and very addictive. We accept students as young as 5 years old; and it is never too late to start. Hope to see you on the mat! Feel free to try it out for FREE by signing up for a trial membership.

Toronto Judo Kai’s training environment is supportive, respectful, safe and non-violent. Everyone receives personal attention in small group.

What makes us different from all the other clubs?

Judo Ontario
  • Our Club and Coaches are Members of Judo Ontario
  • Why that should matter to you
  • Coaches who are members of Judo Ontario are NCCP Level 2 & 3 Certififed. They have received First Aid and CPR training and are highly qualified. They have been registered with police services and a background check has been run on them.
  • Club members can compete at all government sanctioned events, including the Nationals, and all competitions leading up to them. If your club is not a member, you can't compete.
  • All members of the Club are insured against injury above what OHIP pays. Judo Ontario offers many seminars to their members throughout the year.

Many clubs will tell you that they are members of Judo Ontario, but you should check for yourself. Here is proof of our membership to Judo Ontario. Check here to see if other clubs in the area claiming to be members of Judo Ontario actually are.

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